IT Service Desk - Datakom

Datakom offers an IT service desk

Benefits of choosing this service:

Communication channels
You can contact the service desk by phone, e-mail or through the service desk system.
Level 1 support
We can resolve simple requests during the initial communication.
Redirection and control of requests
We ensure that requests are handed over to higher levels of support and to third parties, and that requests are monitored on the basis of SLA.
Openness and transparency
Access to the ITSM system and monthly reports provides a comprehensive view of both the short and long term, showing the volume and status of the requests as well as delays and the reasons for such.
Handling customer requests
Service desk will log your end user and system incidents, service requests, change requests, ideas, and complaints.
24/7 availability
We are able to provide round-the-clock support services.
Remote support
Receive assistance without leaving your computer. Press the ``Open`` button and follow the instructions, so that we can help you as quickly as possible.
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