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SITS – Smart and Simple IT Services.


Our team has experience in solving both small and large IT problems. In many ways we act just like a wild cat. We are perfectly aware of the situation. We are ready 24/7. We solve tasks with elegance. We use the maximum capacity and speed, if necessary. And we always analyse what has been done, in order to understand how we should act the next time to obtain an even better and more efficient result.


Main advantages of SITS:

  • Engineered by entrepreneurs just like you;
  • Support that matches your priorities;
  • Adaptability for your business and scalability for your growth;
  • There are almost 30 years of R&D behind the SITS.
Worry-Free Digital Workspace
Secure, convenient and meaningful digital working environment for everyone
IT Service Desk
Management and remote resolving of IT applications. Management and fulfilment control of third party and internal resources applications.
Infrastructure and services management platform intended for state and municipal authorities, in order to provide unified and convenient IT infrastructure management.
Remote support
Receive assistance without leaving your computer. Press the Open button and follow the instructions, so that we can help you as quickly as possible.
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