For employees’ productivity the specifics of the proposed IT infrastructure solutions is crucial. As new technologies and standards emerge all the time, we stay alert for the latest opportunities to always offer you the best.

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Are your employees mostly based in the office or do they travel to their customers? How do they access their business applications and what are the security prerequisites? How important is design? We evaluate all the factors to offer you a compelling bid.
Working closely with producers
Our team boasts internationally-certified consultants who have profound knowledge in the product portfolios of various producers we work with — HP, IBM, Lenovo, Huawei and many others. Over the years we’ve developed strong business relationships with our partners and are well established to work out any specific needs.
We deliver superb quality and control the details
We focus on business. For your company’s equipment to function well, you need the best quality hardware and software, longer guarantees and top service delivered on time. We will advise you on the best options on the market to fit your specific request and together work out the most satisfactory offer. Fast.
Datakom — a strategic partner
There are different types of client. Some want just a turnkey product, and others need a customised solution. We’renot going to leave your business paralysed if you choose us as your supplier. In need of hundreds of computers and printers to be operational all over the country in a few weeks’ time? Have to be sure your equipment will be repaired by an authorised service centre in the fastest time possible? We have the capacity, resources and knowledge to do it all ... and even more.
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