Our basic, advanced and premium infrastructure maintenance programs are aimed at securing smooth performance of your company’s operations. We will evaluate your business requirements and resources to clearly define maintenance needs for your company — your IT equipment, software, security, storage systems and drive arrays will all be meticulously cared for under our supervision.


Remote support

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24/7 service desk
365 days a year
Service quality assured
ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 27001
We offer adequate maintenance plan to satisfy your needs . Which are focused to ensure smooth functioning of your business.
24/7 Service Desk
Your problem report (in Latvian, English or Russian) will be looked at immediately and graded. You will know the due date for the fix within 4 hours of the report — usually it will be attended to by our engineers the next business day.
Critical systems
If specifics of your business demand even faster response to the issue, we will work out the maintenance according to your needs. Our experienced engineering crew on duty is ready to immediately handle a service request at any hour, any day.
Easy follow-ups
We will assign the relevant specialists from our team to solve your issue. And you’ll be kept in the know — we keep our clients well informed about the status of the issue being fixed through the Service Desk web portal, email or telephone call.
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