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Do you have large volumes of digitized materials to share? Colibrum is the software you’re looking for. This innovative IT solution developed by us is bringing libraries into to the future. Learn more

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Easy access
Communicate with readers
Share knowledge
Gamification aspects
Interactive portal for digitized library materials. Available for smartphones, laptops and tablets.
A dramatic change in the reading experience
It’s simple: store — read — share. Digitized materials can be stored and delivered easily to readers, making it possible for them to discuss and share their experiences. In this way cultural heritage of communities can be more accessible to all.
Accessible on-the-go
Working on smartphones, tablets and laptops, published materials are accessible through Colibrum to readers, wherever they are. And the ability to share content through social media increases the audiences’ involvement manifold.
A new way to approach readers
Today the role of libraries as communication centres is weakening. To help them regain their function as community centres is one of Colibrum’s biggest tasks. Colibrum can be used as a platform to communicate with the invested people and increase their involvement and interaction.
Technology behind the scenes
Colibrum consists of four components — a database, a portal for viewing periodicals, a portal for single periodical reading, and a search engine. These components can be physically deployed on one of several servers in order to achieve optimal use of resources, performance and security of the system.
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